Identify and Describe at Least Two Common Usability Problem with Websites.

Blog # 4

Leonora Ellis


In this generation, all good designers and developers have realized the importance of usability for their work. Usability website have offer a great user experiences, and great users experiences makes customers happy. However, despite of delightful and satisfaction of all visitors, rather than frustrate and annoy them, with a smart design decision, the problem were noticeable

Despite of good ratings, the problem do exist. They are some usability problems that website commonly faced and some are recommended solution for each of them. For instance:

  • Tiny clickable areas Link-this hyperlinks are designed to be clicked, so to make them usable, and it make sense to ensure that they’re easy to click.

The words are very tiny and it is very difficult to notice for researcher; however, hackers will know where to site this type of info.

Solution for this problems:

A large clickable area makes it easier to hover the mouse cursor over the link. In order to get a large clickable area, we could either make the whole link bigger or increase the padding around the link using the CSS ” Padding ” property. To get into the padding, there is a code:  a  href=””; style=”padding: 5px; “>Example Site

With this code, you can read more about padded link targets for better moussing in a 37 signals articles on a padded link targets. According to the article, padding provides users with ” feeling of comfort” because it is easy to click the link without struggles and frustration.

  • User has difficulty in finding what they are looking for: One of the biggest problem of the website usability is that users are struggling finding the information they’re looking for. They are not getting the right inquiries as they should be. Realistically, this is one of the common problems encountered for new and experience users in the web. This problem is usually occurred when the navigation system is poorly structured, no visual cues, no simple wording, larger font, and ineffective search engine.

To resolve this issues, you must provides assistance to resolve the issues such as a description, page title, advanced search engine, site map, index, glossary and help desk to further assist the users.

Lastly, recognizing and determining the problems, it will be less problematic because the sooner you’ll know, the sooner you’ll find the solution.


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