How Would You Get Client?

Leonora Ellis

MNGT 136



Getting a client, it is not about liking you instead it is about you are bringing client into your business. The way to get your client into your business is to create a strategic planning. Some people may think that it is not matter, but when it comes to business, it does matter.

There are some simple strategic management skills and task that can get your clients to like you more and keep you around for a longer period.

  1. Hit the ground running

In the beginning of any projects can be an exciting but it can be rocky for the first time. The importance is that first impression that is really matter. The key is to quick wins for the first few days and deliver the project and identify issues on the site that will take minimal resources to fix and this will have a big impact. In other words, you showing your clients that they made the right decision by coming in. Why are they impressed of you Because?

  • You get things done quickly
  • You already identified big opportunities
  • Confirmation that they made a good decision by bringing you on.
  1. Pre-deliver and Collaborate

Create a list of contact and email every single one of them and ask for feedback.

Additionally, by pre-delivering, you can ask the client if there is anything they been trying to get buy in or push through. If so, include it. This way, by helping your point of contact to get something pushed through, you’ll most definitely get some loyalty to your customer.

  • You’ll feel included in the process
  • You deliver pertinent recommendation and confirmed what a great idea it was to bring you in.
  • You assist them to achieve their objectives in a quickly manner.


  1. Call Your Client

Unscheduled calls can give you and your point of contact a chance to just talk. No agenda.  You can speak freely, and sometimes you’ll even get your client to open up about their own frustrations, and ambitions. These impromptu sessions can into a great bonding sessions for you and your client. Why they will love you?

  • Calling them out of scheduled time shows you care.
  • You share the same the same pain, so you can work together to find resolution.
  1. Visit your client and take them out for coffee

The strategy is to get-my- client-to-love-me-tip and more involved, but it has a big effect. If you want to win your client and get them to like you, schedule a trip to visit them or tie it in with conference traveling or date. The ideal is to get a new perspective on some issues they are dealing with and get to know them outside of work.

Why would they love:

  • Visiting them in person shows commitment
  • You have a life outside of work so you show them a little more of who you really are and perhaps you both have a lot in common.
  • They will have a face to put to a name and have more a connection to you.
  1. Do work they haven’t asked for

Well, why would anyone volunteer to do work for free? In this case, if you want to go above and beyond for your client, then you’re going to have extra mile for some to like you. Remember… Good impression.

  • You did a free work
  • You took some initiative for the betterment of the client.
  • You’ll open their eyes to a bigger opportunity.
  1. Will my clients like me?

The goal is to like you. The good signs that your client like you is by building a strong relationship and deliver quality work. Always say hi to your client and follow up.













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