Leonora Ellis


MNGT 136

W8-Blogpost #8

1. Name at least two methods for collecting data on usability.  1

  1. One on one interview is the best way to collect data because I can ask all the questions I needed for the requirements of testing with permission.
  2.  Survey is another way of collecting data. The reason why survey is important to collect data is because the survey will give me different responses to the question of user usability test.

2. Explain the process of reporting data from the usability test and a few important things to keep in mind when reporting the data.

Before reporting data, all data must be collected before I start to test.

The two important methods to support the collective data are:

  1. Quantitative
  2. Qualitative

Quantitative  is a data that produce result. The qualitative is a data that do not produce .

Quantitative example:                                        Qualitative Example

My computer holds  5ghz chips                     Yes, I owned a computer

Both qualitative and quantitative data is focusing on the status of a single observation.

If the  unknown subject had provided an opinion is the result of quantitative and subjective data.

The test of usability is to make a prediction on how people use the website, the interaction of the elements  that might be a problematic to a user and what will be the consequences if the problem is not fix immediately.

4.  Tell us how you would potentially recruit participants and what you would tell them when they get to the test (if the test was being done outside of this class).

To recruit a participant is to know my target audience. If I decided to recruit my peer, friend, family, or teens, then I have to ask permission from target audience.

Strategy recruitment Implementation:

  • Introduce myself to the candidate audience/ask permission to be a candidate.
  • Explain my objectives
  • Explain my goals to the test
  • Present my testing questionnaires
  • Explain details of the test
  • Show the preliminary details of the testing
  • Explain that observer and executer will be presents for recording data and provide instruction during the test.

If the test is being done outside of the class, then, the ideal of testing would be survey.



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