The Three Methods in Utilizing your Brand.

MNGT 136


Leonora Ellis

Branding is not just a logo, or how the business is perceived externally, branding is creating an image for a product that can leave an impression in the minds of consumers, through advertising. When we create a brand, it must be something that with a difference, that can leave a significant presence in the market place, and will attract millions of customers. Therefore creating loyalty among consumers and retailers.

There are several different steps in creating a brand, there is the legal aspect, which has to be put into place, to protect your brand from any legal implications that might arise.

  1.  To recognize the physical aspect of the brand, One of the most important part of my  brand is the quality of my product. Trade-mark designs. identifies most brands, its products etc.

The logo, color scheme, packaging, vision and mission, online marketing and                           communities are part of the brand. It also includes all the style of your brand such                 design, cursive fonts, shapes and so on.

2. Personality is the brand character

Building the brand is a way of communicating to the outside the world. The type of                personality is expressed through writing style or voice, design style, or color scheme.

3. Self-Image is the  consumer’s ideal self

The marketers and advertiser can draw on their target audience self image to direct                strategy approach. Creating  your mission, vision, and purpose of the brand is very                important to your  business, and this will establish your positioning and informing the          audience about the  character of the brand you are creating. .



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