How Did The Bible Described Agape in the Bible?

Bible Says, Agape is Love.

MNGT.  136

According to the bible, God is love. What are the different agape love described in the bible and what are their functions?

There are four kinds of Love in the bible.

  • Phileo Love
  • Eros Love
  • Stergein Love
  • Agape Love

The First love is called ” Phileo” love and it was named brotherly love. This type of love is that friends have for one another. It can also exist for brotherly and sister, aunts, and uncles or other families. This type of love is not passionate. After Jesus was resurrected, he came to his disciples and ask Peter, if he loved him. Peter must have been caught off guard and said ” yes Lord, you know that I love you”. Therefore, Jesus was using the strongest of all types of love, agape.

The second love is called ” Eros” love and it is a Greek name. This type of love is about sex. The reason why is about sex because eros is the root word for erotic. However, this type of word was not used in New Testament. This type of love is that which occurs between a man and a woman and there is nothing sinful about the ” eros” love, as long as it is within the confines of marriage.

The third love is called ” Steirgein” love. This kind of love is what a  brother and sister have for one another. It is not passionate love but one that has strong feeling between family members.

Lastly, ” Agape” love and it is not like a brotherly love or between a husband and a wife. This love is the most self-sacrificing love that there is. Agape love is always associated with the love of God. Agape is the kind of love that is not human rights. Romans 5:10. This love is a God-type of love.

These are  the differences and functions of all ” Love ” in the bible.


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